Five Ways Exterior Lighting Helps Improve Safety

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Exterior lighting is crucial to making your home safe, as it deters unwanted guests and reduces your risk of accidents. At Outdoors Well Lit, we have over 30 years of experience creating customized lighting plans to help you feel more confident after dark. Continue reading to learn more about the safety that exterior lighting brings.

Five Ways Exterior Lighting Helps Improve Safety

  1. Crime Prevention – Vandalism and theft are less likely to happen when there is enough lighting in and around your home. Not only that, but a well-designed lighting plan can help you feel safer if you need to go outside after dark.
  2. Improved Visibility – Well-designed exterior lighting makes it easier to see at night. Whether you’ve let the dog outside before bedtime or you’re picking up the kids’ toys they left in the yard, exterior lighting helps you complete these tasks faster.
  3. Improved Physical Safety – Trips and falls can be avoided by having well-lit paths, entrances, and porches. Lighting allows you and the people who visit to see possible dangers like uneven surfaces, curbs, or other tripping hazards.
  4. Medical Safety – In an emergency, exterior lighting makes it easy for first responders to find your home quickly. This can save valuable time when you need it most.
  5. Neighborhood Safety – Not only can you see your property better with a well-designed exterior lighting plan, but so can your neighbors. This is helpful for them if they’re outdoors, as they can count on your light to guide them where they need to go.

Exterior lighting does more than you might think. If your property is in the dark, contact our team today to create a lighting plan that fits your needs.