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Want a Lighting System That Complements Your Landscape?

Consider our custom lighting services in Loganville & Stone Mountain, GA

When the sun goes down, your home shouldn't fade from sight. Boost your curb appeal, discourage trespassers and continue to enjoy your outdoor living space by installing outdoor lights. Savvy Loganville or Stone Mountain, GA residents hire Outdoors Well Lit, Inc. to provide custom lighting services, and you should too. We'll make sure your driveway, walkway and outdoor living area are all properly lit.

We use locally sourced LED bulbs and light fixtures whenever possible. And if you don't want the lights to be visible, we know creative ways to hide them so you'll focus on the objects lit up and not the lights themselves.

Ready to get started on your custom light installation? Call 833-843-6957 now to discuss your design ideas with a member of our staff.

Explore your options for outdoor lighting

What types of lights would complement your outdoor living area? Our custom light installation crew has some ideas. For example, if you have:

  • A pool bar, consider installing accent lights under the counters
  • A deck, put lights along the railing so your party can carry on into the night
  • A flagpole, add a light at its base to illuminate your flag after dark

Need more ideas for lighting up your landscape? Find out more about our custom lighting services today.

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